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List of MHS Support Staff:  Student Center, Guidance, Child Study Team, Nurse

Student Covid Protocol Summary

Ask Up - Peer Support - Click Here

While students and parents are always encouraged to first talk to counselors, school administrators, parents and other trusted adults, there are times that an anonymous report may be the only way someone is comfortable with sharing information about a peer in need or crisis.   

To share ANONYMOUSLY any concerns, suggestions or problems click here.

However, if the concern involves the endangerment of lives - please use Say Something Website or call 1-844-5-SAYNOW if you choose not to talk directly to a school counselor, administrator or other staff member.

  • Make an anonymous tip to SaySomething website

  • Or call the SaySomething hotline to a 24/7 crisis center at 1-844-5-SAYNOW

    • Or use the mobile App that can be downloaded at the Apple Store or Google Play)--or found on the Millburn App

      • Download the Millburn App (search for Millburn Township) Schools)

then, if needed, use Resources - Say Something