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As we began to assemble this page we wanted to inform and guide our school population without causing undue alarm.  Yet complacency and acceptance may foster inappropriate decisions or acceptance.  We are convinced that excessive lecturing only dullens student thought and desensitizes people to existing conditions.  Repetition and hyperbole are often disregarded.
So we hope students will make good decisions for themselves and peers.  Students don't need a handbook of regulations repeated over and over.  For the most part, they must just "Do Right" for themselves, for family, for friends and for their school community.  We urge students to avail themselves of the guidance and support our staff offer -- if not for themselves, but for friends who are reluctant to ask.  We rather not view today's society as a danger at every turn -- but rather full of life and opportunities that does require conscious navigating!   With that being said, what follows is information that might educate our students and/or parents.
     The Morris Area Coalition for Education wrote "... vaporizer pens are becoming the new way for drug users to not only get high but do it discreetly...many risks...often place synthetics and ..inhale substances which cannot be differentiated from nicotine, marijuana, or any other liquid. could be a deadly concoction of toxic chemicals ...can cause chronic bronchitis, compromise immune systems...cause mouth and lung cell damage."
   Readings:  1)            2)  NY Times 2/18/18       3)  TAP      4) NYTimes040218
  One Pennsylvania School (OASD) district discusses technology as "nearly ubiquitous in classrooms, and it holds extreme importance in the lives of today's children.  But with technology comes responsibility....importance of teaching students about digital citizenship, being aware of their digital footprint, and being responsible and safe online...not in an effort to alarm..but inform them of the treats that accompany technology ownership and use." 
Readings:  1)  Huffington Post 2/17/16                  2)
Suicide Prevention 
Readings:  1)  Warning Signs
GoGuardian is software that we employ to monitor student online use and help identify improper behavior with their chromebooks, e-mail and social media.   Teachers may verify sites students utilize during an assessment; administrators use it to filter out websites deemed distracting or harmful in content.  Key words and pictures are 'flagged' if they visit sites.  Topics of concern that the computer algorithms will flag include suicide, weapons, pornography, cults and illegal drugs.  School administrators and other key personnel are notified so they may review, investigate and decide whether to contact student and parent.  Students are reminded that their behavior matters in all aspects of their lives.  One simple rule: DO RIGHT!
HIB (Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying)
 As in all of the above concerns, students are urged to report any improper behavior or suspicions that affects themselves or other students.