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Fleet Week

AP Qual 2020

January 2020 - Applications for Qualifiers
AP English                 Language (only Gr 10 may apply)      Literature (only Gr 11 may apply)
AP Math                    Calculus             Statistics              Computer Science .      Computer Science Principles
AP Science               Biology              Chemistry             Environmental                    Physics       
                                   all World Language qualifiers will be administered in class on February 12, 2020.
January 2021 -- Coming Soon -- Applications for 2020-21 AP Courses  
AP English
AP Social Studies
AP Mathematics
AP Science
AP World Languages
AP Art
AP Music

Acceptance Process for Advanced Placement (AP) Classes for 2021-22


The qualifying process for AP courses has been modified from previous years.


  • Students are required to have achieved designated grades in previous courses.
  • Students not accepted may still be admitted provided superior performance on a diagnostic test in the subject 
  • In general, applicants may be admitted with an A or A- in prerequisite courses;
    • Other students need superior performance on an In-class diagnostic test;
    • Admission to AP Science courses also requires superior grades in Math classes.
    • Admission to AP Social Studies courses also requires superior grades in English


  • The diagnostic tests provide an opportunity for students to qualify for an AP course who might not otherwise.
  • The diagnostic is another metric to gauge a student’s ability, potential and motivation beyond course grades.
  • In past years, enrollment in some AP courses – in each Department - have drawn significantly (10-20%) from students in CPA level courses who otherwise would not have been admitted.
  • This year’s diagnostic test continues to provide students with an alternate path to AP acceptance!