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Fleet Week


This page is a work-in-progress. If there is confusion, students can always contact the teachers. We have asked teachers to follow existing protocol in posting assignments by the "end" of the day - although many will post assignments the day before or even for the week.
Below you will find:
A.  General Statements & Attendance
B.  Supports
C.  Structure of School Day
D. Overview of Learning Focus 
E. Communicate with teachers!
A. General Statements & Attendance
Students should check in with their teachers each day by 1:00 pm.  If not, they will be marked absent by the teacher in PowerSchool.  HOWEVER, corrections can be made the next day.  If assignments are late for extenuating reasons, they should be accepted.
Students should submit responses to their teachers as instructed but, no later than 1:00 pm.
********If there are internet problems or other individual cases, accommodations will be made - contact the teacher!
Teachers will mark students absent for that day at 2:00 pm if they have not heard from the student.
*******If there are mistakes made, they can be corrected.
Parents should check PowerSchool if they wish to see if their student has been in "attendance".
*******If there are mistakes made, they can be corrected.
B. Supports
Our #1 concern is student (& staff & family) well-being.  
C.  Structure of School Day (From March 5 e-mail)

...students will have assignments when feasible.  For example, assignments in physical education, art and music are limited.  Most assignments will be given through Google Classroom through the same protocol that we currently use – assignments to be given by the end of the school day. (1:00 pm). Some assignments may be given beforehand or by e-mail.


Teachers are not expected to teach in a virtual environment (Skype, Google Hangout, podcasts, etc); although, some might.  If teaching virtually, they will follow a modified school schedule:

Period 1   8:00 -   8:30   Period 2   8:35 -   9:05
Period 3   9:10 -   9:40   Period 4   9:45 - 10:15
Period 5 11:00 - 11:30   Period 6 11:35 - 12:05
Period 7 12:10 - 12:40   Period 8 12:45 -   1:15


In general, we will consider these days as half-days of school in terms of expectations.  Teachers will not expect students to have any more time to devote to school than normal.


Upon return from any such extended closing there will not be any projects due nor tests given the week we come back. During the closing, all extracurricular activities will be suspended or cancelled including athletics, concerts, debate competitions, and the World Language Night
D.  Overview of Learning Focus

1. Distance Learning, Remote Learning, Virtual Learning, Home Instructional Plan and Flexible Learning are all different names for the same thing:  an attempt to ensure continuity of instruction. The goal at Millburn High School is to simulate our normal classroom in a meaningful way as we modify to address the individual content, level and focus of each course.


We expect students to be assigned daily tasks by their teachers in order to engage in worthwhile learning. Google Classroom is an excellent medium for teachers to communicate with their students who have utilized this platform all year. We expect the assigned tasks may look different depending upon the teacher, course and level while we focus on building skills and fostering the learning of content and established curriculum. We remain committed to providing a consistent experience for all students in each course and level.


Attendance is another component of our distance learning plan. Teachers are verifying each day that students are participating in their class. Attendance may be done through Google Classroom responses; otherwise, teachers will ask for an e-mail or a simple (Google) form to be completed as a separate task.


Teachers are available from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. each day. Of course, our teachers are not expected to provide instant responses to e-mails. We have asked them to respond within 24-hours to questions and other concerns.  Similarly, our students are given 24-hours to complete homework assignments: teachers will post at 1:00 pm with due dates the next day at 1:00 pm.   


The methods of engaging students in their learning will differ from subject to subject. Teachers of the same course are working collaboratively to ensure consistency between them. As one views the various disciplines, difference in emphasis should be observed. Nurturing reading, writing, critical thinking, artistic discovery, inquiry, creativity, skill practice and independent learning all are emphasized differently between disciplines.


Teachers are using a variety of teaching methods.  Some are posting worksheets, articles, questions, links and/or PDFs. Others have posted videos of themselves teaching. Some are having discussions directly with students utilizing Google Hangout or other interactive programs. Since this school closing is unprecedented, we are giving our teachers the leeway to determining what teaching modality best suits their needs.  Students (and parents) will observe differences in the organization and delivery of instruction as they would when we are in traditional classrooms.


We all hope that each student is prepared for the academic challenges that lie ahead upon return.  We want to provide both educational value and a sense of normalcy in this challenging time. Students should contact their teachers directly with any questions or concerns. Our Department Chairs are available for further inquiries.  
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E.  Communicate with teachers
Teachers are in the best position to answer most questions.  If need be, contact the Department Chairperson. Naturally, Guidance Counselors can help as can Case Managers, Study Skills teachers and other supports such as the nurse and our Student Center. Everyone has major adjustments to make and we all need to be flexible!  Thank you.