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Scheduling for 2018-2019 School Year
March 14th: 8th grade comes to MHS for scheduling with HS counselors
March 20-21: 9th grade students select courses (during English classes)
March 27-28: 10th grade students select courses (during English classes)
April 17-18: 11th grade students select courses (during History classes)

Grade 9, 10, & 11 Students,

All students should make their initial selections on PowerSchool using Class Registration before meeting with their counselors. 

GRADE 9:  Schedule through Class Registration in the left column of PowerSchool  -- do it now!

Parents:  This is an excellent opportunity for parents and students to discuss options BEFORE students meet with counselors.  Guidance counselors ultimately approve all course selections.

Directions for using PowerSchool's Class Registration is found on-line on our web page under Students - Class 2019 (& 2020 or 2021)


Class Registration is also used to view next year's Course Requests at any time.  Now make your initial selections for 2018-19!

Good luck with your scheduling and have a great weekend!