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Fleet Week

MHS Drama -- "Hide & Shriek" - November 17 & 18


All tickets will be cross-honored.  Tickets are $10.00 in advance and $12.00 at the door, and may be purchased at

Hide and Shriek is a fast-paced comedy-mystery farce by Tim Kelly. The story takes place in the Ozarks, and plays city folk off of folksy country people, combining Halloween horror with Beverly Hillbillies humor. Add in mistaken identities and murderous intentions, and it’s a night of theater you will never forget!





Ada Dimshroud - Gabbie Stoller

Ulysses Dimshroud - Judah Engel

Aesop Dimshroud - Jared Kirschenbaum

Granny Dimshroud - Alyssa Daver

June Hungerford - Victoria Werner

Paul Pembrook - Charlie Baker

Betty Hungerford - Mikayla Barber

Mike Hyde - Spencer Quartin

Widow Murk - Sofia Sanfilippo

Ruth Spaulding - Lauren Updyke

Sheriff Green - Greg Licciardi

Isabel Ward - Hannah Rubinstein

Doris Finley - Julia Gesner

Edwina Hyde - Rachel Solomon