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Fleet Week

Thursday is Officer Appreciation Day

Hartshorn School's Change Agents invite the Millburn Community in celebrating Office Appreciation Day on Thursday, May 17:


Hartshorn students, identified for their character and kindness, were selected to become a member of “Change Agents”. Change Agents is an initiative where students work together to make a tangible difference in the world through Environmental Awareness, Ethics In Action, Community Service, and Random Acts of Kindness.


We think Officers should be recognized and have a day to honor them and what they do. Please help us celebrate!

Officer Appreciation Day, May 17th.


  1. If there were no police, people would break laws so we need to show our appreciation.
  2. Police protect and keep children safe in schools, our community, our country and all over the world.
  3. They are helpers so we should say, “Thank you.”
  4. Having Officer Appreciation Day is a way to show respect for our officers.
  5. Officers have a hard job. They are brave and do things that others may not be able to do or may not want to do.
  6. Officers are special so they should have a special day.


What can you do? Be an agent of change and…

            Say “thank you” to an officer!                      Be extra careful on the roads!                                 Send a thank you note!


It is our intent that all communities will have the opportunity to show appreciation in unison for those who risk their lives every day to protect others. Consistent with our mission of the Change Agents and in line with National Police Week, it is our hope that this small act will make a big difference. Thank you.