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Fleet Week

MMAC Empower Hour - Tuesday 4/17 - 7:00 PM - Ed Center

Current events have heightened stress, fears, and anxiety in both parents and children. It has never been more important to Talk to our kids about potential dangers in school. Parents need to have those “hard” conversations. 
Join Us for an open conversation on how to talk to your children about sensitive subjects. 
Nancy Kislin, child and adolescent psychotherapist
will guide parents through suggested questions and answers with special attention to:

  • how to set appropriate boundaries and enforce them
  • what is too much information to share with their children
  • how to talk about current events in a sensitive and age appropriate manner
  • how to help your child feel empowered and learn to advocate for themselves 

Panel Discussion to follow:
Panel includes:
Lisa Kim Son, Professor of Psychology, Barnard College
Jyoti Sharma, BOT member of Indian American Association
Louie Shen, BOE member, President of MSH Chinese Association
Space is limited. Please RSVP to: to reserve your space.